Zanelle Britz

“I do not really remember the frustration of isolation. I remember my window looked out into a golf course and enjoyed watching a few antelope wandering around in the mornings. I remember paging through recipes and imaging what the dishes tasted like (at some point I was being tube fed and I really missed having a decent meal!). I remember how close I felt to the Lord and how He was there in times of loneliness, fear and discomfort.  I was in pain when the new bone marrow started to grow and there were times when boredom and cabin fever were very real. It was an intense time with a very invasive procedure and the success of it would literally mean the difference between life or death. I’m a changed person for it; but then life goes on, bringing with it new obstacles, victories, memories, losses and the like.

“So I hope this will be encouragement to everyone that this situation were in, it too shall pass and life will go on. And though we might have suffered loss through this time, I hope and pray that as nation we will emerge from this stronger, more united, more compassionate and appreciating the things we so easily take for granted.

“So now that I’m healthy and have freedom of movement around the house and the garden. how do I spend my days?

“As much as I am saddened about missing Fidelio and Swan Lake, I am rather enjoying this break, broken as it is with interaction with friends and family on social media. Baking, cleaning, window-washing, and I had to step up and cut the entire lawn with a weed-eater!

“I’ve also been doing daily double bass workouts presented over Facebook by friend, colleague and amazing bassist, Mariechen Meyer. She is keeping all of us in shape for the next season and my housemates and I are taking turns to host our daily fitness hour …. Strength exercises, cardio or interpretative dance … we need to sweat for at least 30 minutes.

Stay safe, stay positive and stay inside! Hopefully we will all be out and about soon, presenting symphony concerts again.

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