The CPO and art

The CPO’s printed concert programmes, concert cards, newsletters and electronic signatures reflect the fact that music is art. We have been fortunate to have been able to use works by Frank Spears, Nel Erasmus,  Marlene von Dürckheim and in the next season by Jean Welz. The covers were designed by Freda van der Merwe of Brand New World.

Frank Spears (1906 – 1991) was born in the UK and arrived in Cape Town in 1922. He married the poet Dorothy Spears and they had two sons, Hilary and Johnny.  Johnny and his wife, Rosalind, divide their time between Cape Town and Devon in the UK where they have many of Spears’ paintings. They are music lovers, produced a book on the life of Frank Spears, and kindly offered the CPO the use of several of his paintings. Read more about Frank Spears here

Autumn Symphony Season 2018, Detailed from Beethoven by Frank Spears
Winter Symphony Season 2018, Music for Strings by Frank Spears
Spring Symphony Season 2018, Detail from String Music by Frank Spears

Nel Erasmus, born in 1928, studied in France and is one of South Africa’s earliest abstract artists.  She has exhibited widely, from 1955 in Paris and her first solo exhibition in South Africa two years later. Her most recent exhibition in both Cape Town and Johannesburg marked her 90th birthday.  Two works have been reproduced by kind permission of the artist. Watch a video of her at work here 

13th International Summer Music Festival, Fiddler and Cellist 1 by Nel Erasmus
Autumn Symphony Season 2019, Fiddler and Cellist 3 by Nel Erasmus

The third of our artists is Marlene von Dürckheim, born 1945. This artist and teacher has exhibited widely in both South Africa and Europe, has been featured in two art books in South Africa. She is represented in many of the country’s top collections and in private collections in England, United States of America, Germany and Switzerland. Read more here

Winter Symphony Season 2019, Violin and Glass 1 by Marlene von Dürckheim
Spring Symphony Season 2019, Bottles, Glass and Violin 2019 by Marlene von Dürckheim
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