Step 1:

Provide the requisite information to Investec and to your US bank.
• When transferring your USD to Investec’s USD correspondent bank account, please ensure that:
• The information supplied to your bank in the US is correct
• Your funds are sent by telegraphic transfer and that this transfer is in USD
• An MT103 is sent to Investec by your US bank

Please also provide the following information:
• Beneficiary account name: Cape Town Philharmonic Endowment Trust
• Beneficiary account number: 10010935645
• Beneficiary bank: Investec Bank, 100 Grayston Drive, Sandton
• Correspondent bank: Citibank, NA , New York
• S.W.I.F.T. code: CITIUS33XXX
• FEDWIRE NUMBER 021000089

Step 2:

Complete a Balance of Payments (BoP) form
Once your USD have reached Investec’s USD correspondent bank account, you will need to complete the BoP (balance of payment) form and either fax to BoP Reporting on +27 11 291 1532 or email to These forms are required for each transaction.

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