To find out about any of the options from individual and corporate donations to education and development sponsorship, in-kind sponsorships, special events/concerts, corporate packages, corporate events or to discuss estate planning

Please contact Business Development Strategist Louise Enslin 081 446 0433

Louise will also discuss a tailor-made partnership which will be mutually beneficial. It is important to note that while gifts to the youth education projects can attract a tax receipt, without the core business, a sustainable and secure professional orchestra itself, there will be no teachers for the youth and nothing for the youth to aspire to.

• Cape Town Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (CPYO)

• Cape Town Philharmonic Youth Wind Ensemble (CPWE)

• CPO Music Academy

• Masidlale

• Scholarships / Instruments

• Individual giving

• Corporate Sponsorship

• Advertising

• Other options

• Endowment Trust 

• Legacy 

• UK Charity Trust 

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