The latest addition to the CPO youth education and development portfolio is CPO Music Tots, which reaches even younger audiences in an effort to teach the value of music to the soul to ever younger children. In our society where violence and inequity are part of the lives of so many, the CPO believes that it can create even more opportunities for young people as the tots graduate from this programme into other aspect of the Cape Town Philharmonic Music Academy, to the training ensembles and youth orchestras and ultimately to the CPO itself. Even if they don’t become career musicians, and understanding of the joy of music will enrich their lives.

Kim Malan, who teaches in the CPO Music Academy, has mentored Caelin Murray, who takes two groups of children aged 3-4 and 5-6, teaching the littlest ones the basic elements of music: loud/soft, high/low, happy/sad and so on. They learn what the different instruments look like, what they sound like and imitate how they are played.  The older ones learn to play the fife and marching drums, learning also to read music and start written theory.

Starting them young, says Kim, gives them a head start to their music education so that they have a great deal of experience before individual lessons on an instrument of their choice.

You can support them initially through a campaign run by Fine Music Radio, which appreciates how enormously beneficial music lessons are for children.  “We also know that we need to nurture our young musicians today, so that we can have an orchestra tomorrow. This is why we are proud media partners of CPO Music Tots. One group music lesson is R300. With your help, Fine Music Radio is hoping to raise R24 000, so that over a dozen children, aged from three to six, can enjoy music lessons for a year.”

To contribute please visit When making a payment please use the reference TOTS.

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