The logo is symbolic of the longevity of the Legacy Circle Bequest.  The semi-circular shape is reminiscent of a wreath that was awarded as a badge of honour in Roman times and thus honours people who join the CPO Legacy Circle to ensure the orchestra’s future.

 The Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra Legacy Circle embraces the vision of those who share a passion for music, are serious about making a difference in young people’s lives, and would like to forever associate their names with the orchestra.

By committing to leaving a legacy to the CPO, Legacy Circle members

  • help ensure the future of orchestral music
  • enable young people between 6 and 25 to benefit from the life skills, sense of achievement, self-worth and upliftment presented by music
  • are entitled to host events to promote support for the CPO family nationally and internationally

Bequeathing a legacy to the CPO offers a unique and genuine opportunity to make a significant and lasting impact. With your permission, your name will appear on the CPO Website and in our programmes. Large gifts can result in an endowment of a specific musician’s chair, such as the Concertmaster/Principal Guest Conductor/Resident conductor/ CPYO Music Director, and others, in perpetuity.

Contact Legacy Manager Suzanne Aucamp on 061 424 1217 or by completing the Letter of Intent or download the brochure here


The CPO acknowledges with gratitude the intention of these members of the Legacy Circle to remember the CPO

Ruth Allen


Janey Ball

Arthur Churms

Jilly Cohen

Jill Dower

Herbert Glöckner

Louis Heyneman

Sibyl Whiteman Morris


Gerlinde Moser

Rupert Pardoe

Ben Rabinowitz

Frank and Gail Reuvers

Prof Rian Viviers

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