Mark Osman started playing the cornet in primary school in a brass band, in Stilfontein, in the old western Transvaal, of all places, he says! This took him to music centres in the Free State during the first few years in high school, playing the trumpet. In Grade 12, he switched to the French horn, taking lessons with Sean Kierman. There was a reason for this, he adds, that went beyond love of the instrument. This was in the time of conscription, and the idea of playing an instrument in the Navy Band was more appealing than serving in the army. He made the right choice, and spent three peaceful years (well, peaceful if you discount the horn!), in the band. While in the band, he took lessons with several teachers like Tom Greer and  Peter Amon who played in the CTSO and the former CAPAB orchestra. He then played with both the PACOFS and newly formed Natal Philharmonic, and in 1987 he returned to his beloved Cape Town and joined the CAPAB Orchestra, then the CTPO and now the CPO as “the low down 4th horn player”! Swimming and cycling remain passions and the rest of his spare time, practising aside, are spent bee keeping and doing woodwork. He met his wonderful wife Andrea Rutter when she played a clarinet concerto at a youth concerto series with CAPAB, and who is an accompanist of note today! Gemma and Jordan are the offspring, and both practice, their respective instruments (piano, violin and electric bass, much to our neighbours despair) every day!

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