Lindsay had piano lessons at home in Scotland (quite near but not on the bonnie, bonnie bank, she says) at the age of five with her Mum, believing that everyone had to learn an instrument sooner or later. She wasn’t too unhappy when she iscovered my mistake and went on to terrorize the neighbourhood with a recorder for a few years until at the age of 12, when she was presented with a French Horn, which she soon realized was a much more effective weapon.

Given the opportunity to study at the Guildhall School of Music with some extremely illustrious horn players and teachers, she says, she flew the coop and had a very good time living in London and gadding about the place in general. After college, she divided her time between freelance work in the UK and summer seasons in the Bad Wiessee Kurorchester (and, she says, believe me, you haven’t lived till you’ve done that!),until she was so fortunate as to find herself on a plane to Cape Town in 1991 where she has remained ever since, “employed first in the Capab Orchestra (happy days!), then the CTPO for its short duration, and now in the glorious Cape Town Philharmonic.” Lindsay and her partner, the violinist Juan Sandoval, have one daughter.

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