Suzanne Aucamp is an accomplished fundraiser, who has worked in both government and NGOs. Her wealth of experience in grants administration and management, nationally and internationally in government as well as grant/funding agencies and stewardship of grant requirements, monitoring and evaluation; budget analysis and narrative; and sustainability will be brought to bear in her role as business development manager and fundraising executive which includes spearheading income generation and commercial opportunities to ensure organisational resilience. She holds a BA in education and Honours in Applied Linguistics and Literary Studies, both from the University of Johannesburg. She has 20 years’ combined experience working for the national Government and with national and international NGOs, including 15 at the Department of Arts and Culture (DAC). During this time, she was project leader for the first Freedom Day celebrations and was instrumental in the successful establishment of the National Arts Council in 1999.  She has also worked in NGOs.

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