Maretha Uys started her musical life at the age of three in Bloemfontein, when she began to play recorder. Quickly bored, she developed an interest in the violin and three years later was taking lessons with François Henkins.  That was still not enough for her, and two years later she began to learn the piano. Piano became her first love and kept her busy each day for hours, while other kids were watching TV! At 13, she embarked on violin lessons with Prof. John Wille and four years later studied violin performance with Juan Muñoz at the University of the Free State. She studied piano with Dana Cilliers at the same time and obtained her B.Mus degree with Cum Laude and received the Old Presidency prize for the best student with an orchestral instrument. After several years of teaching and playing in most of the orchestras around the country,  she joined the CPO in 2007 and the city stole her heart. With her colleague and life partner, Christoph Muller, she exercises regularly and walking/hiking up the mountain before a rehearsal or mountain biking have become her favourite activities. Maretha also scuba dives, one of the activities that makes her grateful for merely being alive!  She says she is fortunate to play in an orchestra … “The variety of what we do keeps life interesting and traveling  (on tour to Mauritius, America and the UK) is a dream come true. Practising doesn’t feel like work to me. After all, I play for a living!”

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