Ash-lee is the Logistics Manager of Masidlale, where he also teaches brass. His dedication is so well placed, for he began the campus (starting with recorders) in Mamre, his hometown and where he still lives with his wife and young son. He also started his own music school, the Mamre Music School in the Mamre/Atlantis area. The weekend school has students  learning to play piano, guitar, bass and drums. “Without Masidlale,” he says. “I would never have seen such possibilities.”

Ash-lee studied engineering after matric and worked full time at a factory in Atlantis. When the factory closed he decided to follow his dream and study music at Stellenbosch University. He enrolled in in 2009 as student in the Certificate Programme, a bridging course, which prepares music students for tertiary music study. He went on to finish the Practical Diploma in Music at Stellenbosch University and was a member of various Stellenbosch University Ensembles and Orchestras.

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