NLDTF funding important 2009

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NLDTF funding important

19 January 2009

lottoThe CPO is grateful towards the NLDTF (National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund) for their grant to the orchestra, because it benefits all the communities of the Cape through our training programmes and makes classical music accessible to those who would otherwise not have the opportunities,” says Louis Heyneman, CEO of the orchestra.
“The Lotto has become a major supporter of the CPO and the R21 million grant over a period of 3 years helps to supports the core activity of ensuring that Cape Town – a major city of South Africa and a leading tourism centre of Africa – has a viable professional symphony orchestra,” says Heyneman.
“However, equally important is the fact that the grant also supports our outreach activities and transformation process. It enables us to run major programmes such as the Cape Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Cape Philharmonic Youth Wind Ensemble and CPYO Junior Strings that consist mainly of players from previously disadvantaged communities.
“The CPO embraces education through entertainment and for that we need funds to employ the full-time members of the orchestra, reach out to the community though visits to smaller venues in previously disadvantaged communities and sustain our cadet programme, coaching and mentoring initiatives and others,” he continues.
“We still want to do much more to ensure that these programmes yield consistent positive results over a sustained period. The support of the NLDTF and our other sponsors is absolutely key to enabling us to do this,” Heyneman

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