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Izak Grové

Izak Grové, the author of these notes,  is an emeritus professor for musicology at Stellenbosch University. He received his doctorate from the University of the Free State, and, through a German DAAD scholarship studied at the Friedrich Wilhelms University (Bonn). He is also church organist, and published some chorale preludes, and conducted musicological research on mainly South African music.

These notes, which appear on the CPO website only, are designed to augment those written by Rodney Trudgeon which will continue to appear in the programme.

Autumn Symphony Season 2018

21 June

14 June

7 June

31 May

12th International Summer Music Festival

Please see Dr Barry Ross’ notes here

Summer season 2017

30 November

23 November

16 November

9 November

Spring Season 2017

September 14

September 7

August 31

August 24

Winter Season 2017

June 29

June 22

June 15

June 8

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