January 29, Newsletter 2018

//January 29, Newsletter 2018

Full Newsletter: New Acoustic Shell, Free Waterfront Concert and CPO Debut Concert

January 29, Newsletter 2017

The saxophone was the instrument of choice but in his native Russia saxophones meant jazz, and jazz was seen as a bad influence – “today you play jazz, tomorrow you kill your mother”. So, he was shown a clarinet and told he would play an instrument that looks like that ….the oboe. He only fell in love with it later!

He studied in Leningrad (St Petersburg), at the school for gifted children and the college and finally the Music Academy in Moscow. While a student, he won an audition as principal oboe in the state radio orchestra, studying and performing at the same time, good preparation for his current life which until the end of January also involves two full-time jobs! While doing a year of service in 1977 in the army band in Moscow. While there, he won an audition for Bolshoi Theatre, and soon became a key figure in its touring section but as Gorbachev changed the outlook in Russia they family saw other opportunities and they came here.

So while we will not say goodbye to Sergei, we will miss his tone, always so perfect, adding so much colour to the orchestra.

The winner of the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust Scholarship for Postgraduate Studies in 2015 and the SACM Chamber Music Prize in 2013 and 2014, she was also on the Dean’s Merit List at UCT from 2011- 2014.

She has had plenty of experience, playing, for instance, in the University of New Mexico Wind Symphony, the New Mexico Philharmonic, the Santa Fe Symphony, University of New Mexico Symphony, Stellenbosch ICMF, Free State Symphony and Eastern Cape Philharmonic. She has worked as a graduate assistant at the University of New Mexico, and an orchestra assistant at the UCT Symphony Orchestra and has taught her instrument at South Peninsula High School. She has also been an assistant lecturer at the annual Swakmunder Musikwoche in Swakopmund.

Aside from classical music, Lisa enjoys being outdoors, “so I'm especially glad to be in Cape Town with its amazing natural heritage, and I enjoy baking in my spare time. Musically, I also enjoy contemporary art music, chamber music, and have recently begun exploring the contemporary oboe repertoire. I've also been involved in an experimental improvisation ensemble at the University of New Mexico and I am glad to be home.”

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