October 25, 2016 Newsletter

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October 25, 2016 Newsletter

web-mcclemmendThe opera underscores the possible link between mental illness and creativity, her depression and suffering, courage and eventual spiritual self-actualization, hence its premiere at the World Psychiatric Congress, which is sponsoring the CPO performances of the 9th Symphony by Beethoven.

Playwright Pieter Cilliers says that the two became each other’s Abelard and Eloise in their respective poetry. After eight years the relationship broke up and Van Wyk Louw wrote his last volume in South Africa, mainly around the relationship. The play is directed by Neil Rademan and produced by Michael Maas. Tickets are available from Computicket at R150/R100. Further performances will be held at the Baxter Theatre in January and at the Woordfees festival in Stellenbosch next year.

Picture used with the permission of the University of Stellenbosch.

web-nederburg-siteFollowing October’s dynamic Idols’ appearance more than a decade ago, he has swept to fame and “‘phenomenal singer” and “electric performer” are expressed after every performance. He is one of the country’s most sought-after artists not only for his voice but for his magnetic stage presence and versatile act. He’ll sing such evergreens as “The Impossible Dream”. Jazz singer Melanie Scholtz’s recordings and international appearances have made her another of South Africa’s most popular entertainers, and her gorgeous voice and style will add to the ambience in solos like “Imagine” and “Unforgettable” with October. The opera duo, Given Nkosi and Goitsimang Lehobye will each sing popular opera arias and together will present the gorgeous duet Lippen Schweigen by Frans Lehar which so entranced the audience when she performed it with Johan Botha in his last Cape Town concert in August. The Sterling EQ ensemble of flute, violin and cello has performed live to audiences of 40 000 and their CDs and national and international appearances have brought them a huge global following. They will give offer a new perspective on Bach and Mike Batt.

The concert begins at 21:30. Gates open at 17:00 to choose your picnic spot! Bring your own picnic, but no alcoholic beverages are permitted. Patrons are asked not to bring beverages on to the premises since Nederburg wines and craft beer will be on sale. Available too will be gourmet snacks, as well as food offerings from local food trucks. Concertgoers are also requested not to bring tables and chairs since these interfere with sight lines of other patrons.

Tickets for the concert are R300 for adults and R175 for those 12-18; free for those under 12. Tickets: Computicket or Artscape Dial-a-Seat on 021 421 7695.

The CPO will provide a bus service at 19:00 from Artscape, where safe parking will be available. Return tickets are R80 for adults; R30 for 18 and under. Details on taxi-services are also available on request. Seating is limited so book now. Banking details for the bus only from Luvuyo Kakaza at 021 410 9966 / luvuyo@cpo.org.za.


Christina McEwan

Cape Times October 25, 2016

When you are fitting in a performance of Pay Back the Curry in between a dress rehearsal of Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra and the performance itself, you will know just how busy Daniel Mpilo Richards is. And that time management is really important to him!

For Richards, who is not only writing a new script but narrating it as well as part of the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra fundraiser for the Darling Trust and the CP Youth Orchestra, sitting still isn’t an option. The fundraiser is conducted by Carlo Ponti, conductor and long-time friend of Pieter Dirk Uys, whose beloved Evita Bezuidenhout is narrating Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf at the same concert and is taking place on November 13.

Asked what his favourite role is and he is nonplussed. “I love variety and get bored so easily so I have developed different aspects to my life … acting, writing, dancing, singing.I pride myself on my versatility.” He’s a baritone. He also plays guitar and the didgeridoo, which he also collects in abundance and is yet to go to Australia in case the jumbo isn’t big enough to bring back his purchases!

He got into acting while in Grade 9 in Johannesburg, when a director from the Market Theatre went to his school play and asked him to audition for “Lord of the Flies”. He went through the thorough audition process and was selected, and the eight weeks of rehearsals and six weeks of performance were amongst the happiest of his life. “I loved every second, because acting gave me a reason to ignore school and not have to do well”, he said with a twinkle!. Naturally he not only passed but excelled in passing matric at Westerford High School with distinction to enter the Drama School at UCT from where he graduated. He is deeply concerned about what is currently happening at UCT, not least because his sister is a second year MBChB student there.

Since those early days he has become a fixture on the South African entertainment scene.

Pay Back the Curry, the one man show is undergoing a national tour, will be in Johannesburg for some weeks and at the Kalk Bay Theatre late in October. Then, he says, it will probably undergo an update and start the rounds again!

He is looking forward to the Britten piece very much. “It is like a breath of fresh air. I can concentrate on writing the script and its delivery because Pay Back the Curry is so deeply entrenched in my psyche that I have capacity for an altogether new challenge.

“The Britten piece allows me to be in touch with all forms of creating, from music and physical theatre to serious and comedic acting. Taking over an orchestra is a fantastic opportunity, just thrilling. So many instruments at once and I have to be heard over them all!”

What he plans to do is give a contemporary feel to music, allowing him the opportunity to interpret the music. His angle, well his angle today, is that each instrument can represent a different culture, so don’t be surprised if he characterizes the city of Chicago and its smoky, sultry nightclubs with the trumpet or trombone, or that the violins symbolize the refined English aristocracy.

“When I observe the way in which the orchestra works, I liken it to the act of getting up in the morning, gathering up all the bits and pieces i need, the different aspects of myself included, to get ready for the day. There’s a routine that needs to be harmoniously or sometimes non-harmoniously(!) completed in order to feel ready to leave home and conquer the world…..face a different orchestra, a full one – where maybe some are in tune and others not…”

Richards was born in Switzerland, lived a year in America and then migrated from Cape Town to Johannesburg and back again until he finally settled in Cape Town 10 years ago. He runs his own company called DMR Productions, which is based in Cape Town.

High points in his life include performing in the Tennesse Williams Theatre Festival last year in Provincetown, America, where he got to act in two plays, one with an American director (David Kaplan) and one with a South African (Fred Abrahamse). In addition to performing in America, he has performed in the Czech Republic and Zimbabwe. He has participated in plays and musicals as diverse as Shakespeare and West Side Story. He has also co-written (and performed in) a play Die Glas ennie Draad, with fellow-actor Gantane Kusch which won a Standard Bank Silver Ovation at the 2016 National Arts Festival.

And since he likes being adventurous, you can bet his script and narration will be an adventure. You can also bet that his whole supportive family will be there! The concert at the Cape Town City Hall on November 13 at 18:00 also includes the CPYO playing works like Star Wars and Pirate of the Caribbean arrangements. Some of the CPYO musicians will join the CPO for Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf and Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra. The dress rehearsal on the morning of the concert at 10:00 will be open; entry is via the Longmarket Street entrance where tickets will be available. Please be seated by 9.45. There still may be some tickets for the performance from Computicket on 0861 915 8000/www.computicket.com and Artscape Dial-A-Seat 021 421 7695. More information cpo.org.za /luyuyo@cpo.org.za 021 410 9809.

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